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A Peace of Me

ImageSo much has happened in the last couple months.  It’s been wonderful. Many friendships have been made and God has shown up in so many different ways.  We are in the full swing of living in 400 sq ft of space with lots of toys and kids full of energy.  I have found that by downsizing dishes, they don’t pile up as high. By having a small washer, loads are more often, but much smaller, so I actually keep up (well, most of the time).  The kids have their beds that still aren’t always made, but they have curtains to close them off.  We basically live in one big room.  We are still adjusting to putting toys away because they can take over in this space.  But it’s an amazing freedom to be able to come and go as the Lord leads, to stay somewhere for a while or just a few days. The funny thing is, when we lived in a home we were content in the same place, but once you get mobile, after about 3 weeks the flesh gets a little antsy to move somewhere new.  Our perspectives of life have changed a lot.

The kids couldn’t be happier.  We ask them very often about this journey and God has moved in their hearts and they just love it.  Our family is closer than ever. The kids play so well together and when they have arguments, they have to work it out. There is no where to run and pout.  This works for Joe and I too.  You are really forced to communicate.

We have had so many wonderful experiences and the kids have seen so many things.  Life has become our schoolroom.  They don’t just learn about things in a book. They get to see, feel, and experience them.  God has blessed us and them with so many amazing friendships.  We have often been asked about socialization of the kids, but they have more friends now then we ever did at home and the amount of time they get to play and explore exceeds the time we did this at our sticks and bricks.  They have learned how to make friends and not be afraid to talk to people, and so have we J

These past few months God has been teaching us a lot when it comes to ministering and teaching.  See, we are kind of off the grid.  We don’t go from church to church, we aren’t well known.  We just love people and want to go where they are. So many will never set foot into a church building, but still need to know about the goodness of God.  Back in January, I was praying to have eyes to see people the way God does.  He spoke so clearly to me and said, “You cannot love people unconditionally until you stop seeing them as being better or worse than yourself.”  WOW! I meditated on this for a while and God began to show me how when I judge another as “needing help” or “worse than” me (for whatever reason) that I set myself into a place of pride.  It’s showed me my love for them was based on me wanting to “fix” them. And if I judged another as “better than” or their ministry as “better than”, I began seeking them and not the father.  I began to love them for what they can help me with or give me.  But the truth is, God loves every one of us the same. He doesn’t love one better than another! His love for us IS UNCONDITIONAL!  We must let him show us that we are all equal in his sight, so we too must see others the same way.  But we can only do this by allowing Him to show us.  I began to weep as I saw people with his eyes.  People whom he loves and desires to have a relationship with, but many preoccupy their time with the things of this world, why?  Because they have never experienced His goodness. It’s the goodness of God that draws a man to repentance.  Not me pointing out their sins. Just yesterday God showed me that since Gods spirit dwells in us, we are to be a light. And it’s the light that exposes the darkness, not us pointing out the darkness.  We spend so much time focusing on what’s wrong with others, problems with the government, what everyone is doing wrong, that we forget to just abide in the father and bear HIS fruit.  To let him shine through us and his spirit expose the darkness.  We just go and share Gods goodness, one person at a time wherever he leads.  We love others.  Many are struggling with sin and “secret sins” but me telling them its wrong doesn’t help them overcome.  But, to share His goodness and that He is there to help them through it and loves them regardless.  This is what draws them to repent and submit, so the Spirit can lead them into all Truth. 

We have encountered some of the most amazing people.  You just never know who God is going to bring.  We may be parked next to someone who doesn’t have much and on the other side a family of millionaires.  Walls that are normally put up by neighborhoods are taken down and God just does powerful things.  We have met many amazing families and life long friends. We have seen people healed, we have seen others not healed.  We have seen God move so powerfully that we are in tears.  God has blessed us financially and other times we get down to our last pennies and an almost empty fridge.  But we have never missed a meal and God has always come through.  This is still a time of learning for us.  I have begun to see that when there is money in the bank, there is joy and a peace, we have meals for others, give away money as he leads, we feel free.  When there isn’t money in the bank, we get irritable, frustrated, doubt, the peace is gone.  So what does this show me?  That money is the source of my peace… NOT God!  Can anyone else relate?  But when you put yourself in a position like this, where its God or nothing, it helps to work through this.  So we look to Him and he always provides, but my heart is exposed.  Philippians 4:7 (AMP) says “And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothng from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  So when my heart is only content when there is money, it shows what I truly trust and rely on. What I look to for peace.  But God wants to give us a peace even greater than that. He wants us to rely on Him for this.  He is the provider and even when things look low, he wants us to rest and have perfect peace knowing He will come through.  This is a huge lesson and a big root in my heart he is trying to uplift. 

This journey is amazing. I want to encourage everyone to be willing spend time with the Lord. LET him give you a heart like His. LET him love you.  Then you won’t be able to help but to go and love those around you, because his love will overflow in your hearts and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So often we try to go “into ministry” but we need to remember relationship with God comes first! Love you all!