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An Empty House

Well, the home is 95% empty. The camper is loaded and the home is officially on the market.  And now we wait.  The funny thing is that even though we are waiting, God continues to bring amazing people into our lives for encouragement. We have met several new friends who have encouraged us and it’s been wild to hear the stories and hearts of people. 

Six months ago, if someone had told me we would be getting rid of all we own including our house to go and share how crazy in love with everyone the Father is, I would have said Ok, but deep down, I loved my home, and how can we live without all the toys (grown-up and kid)? Our home was perfect for us. Lots of space, lots of memories, and God, can’t you just use us here in Nicholasville?  We are settled, why up root us all?

However, over the next few months God began to show me that it is all just stuff.  He started separating me from the home and the stuff.  But my mind was on all our financial obligations (See how often money creeps in and distracts?).  So we began selling things/giving things away.  God brought some amazing people around that I never would have met, had we not been giving things away.  But the crazy part was, I had no attachment to things.  I began to see that the things we filled our home with and “had to have” held no value.  Not just in Gods eyes, but even to this world.  God began opening my eyes to what we had been seeking and its true value and what we have been spending our time doing.  My eyes began to open.  We work so hard, finding jobs, spend hours away from our families so we can “provide”.  We sacrifice sleep, long hours, time missed with our children and spouses….all so we can get that bigger house (which by the way, means more time cleaning and keeping up after), a new car, buy an xbox or computer, get the largest TV, get those toys the kids want, you name it.  Then once we have it, then what?  We run after the next thing.  The kids want a different toy and so do we.  Filling our home with toys and stuff that we think will satisfy but never really does.  We place such a financial burden and stress on ourselves. 

As we have downsized I have felt a freedom I really cannot explain.  I have realized what we really need to live and have fun and it’s not much.  We have more time as a family and more time with the Lord.  I wouldn’t say our life has really slowed down, because He continues to bring new people into our lives and do great things, as well as show us what it truly means to live for others.

Through this process so far, God has revealed so many secret distractions in my life that have taken priority over Him.  It’s been cleansing and very powerful.  I saw things that I didn’t think were a big deal to me or to my walk with the Lord. However, as these items left my home and my life, my heart exposed my true desire for those things and the distraction they really held in my life.  It’s been both fun and challenging.  I look forward to what lies ahead!!