The problem with God…

JesusWeptCloseI was just thinking about the problem with God. Think about this for a minute. Can you imagine if everyone was telling others about you? Some would say you’re hateful. Some would say you’re a kind and generous person. Others might say you’re a thief that cares nothing about anyone! Of course only those that know you can truly say who you are. Those that walk with you and have hung on to your every word, they are the ones you call family regardless of bloodlines. This is how God is. So many different ideas, theologies, doctrines, and denominations that point to God yet their views are all over the place. I do know God, He is love. His heart hungers to know His creation. He craves to know us and to present His love to us. It’s crazy to think that the creator of everything cares about little o’ me and you but I promise you He does!

You might say “that sounds nice, that would be cool if it were true”. I had those thoughts at one time. Have you ever seen anyone that knows Jesus? Ever noticed how they are always on a high? Why would that be? Could it be they’ve found something that you’ve just never experienced? Think about it, can you describe chocolate? How would you explain it to someone that’s never had it in a way that they would know what they’re getting into before they’ve even tried it? You can’t. I can’t. All you can say is its amazing try it! They may just walk away saying “sounds nice, would be cool if it were true” but they never know until they take the plunge.

The Bible says to taste and see that the Lord is good. It talks about how He came to give you hope and a future and how every good thing comes from Him! If this sounds nothing like the God you’ve heard of then you’ve never met Him. He’s as close as your voice and what your heart desires. He loves you no matter what you’re into or what your life looks like. Talk to Him as a best friend, ask Him to show you who He is, He will.

Our family is on this journey, walking in His love. We are not looking for donations, not trying to increase our church attendance, and not trying to earn our way in to heaven. We just love what God has done for us and enjoy the moments we get to share it with others. We walk in freedom that only comes through Christ and that is accessible to all who would venture to know Him. You’re welcome to join us on our travels through this blog or on facebook in our efforts to show others who God is and to encourage those who do know to be the funnel and let His love flow through you!